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Tribal Jump is a simple game with a tribal squirrel jumping around
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Tribal Jump is an arcade game by The game features a cute squirrel with a tribal look. The objective of the game is to jump between floating skulls. The gamer must measure the distance and height of the jump in order to be successful. After the first few tries it is very easy to get the measure of the jumps. It is easy to start jumping on the skulls as soon as they come. After a while, a vertical totem comes up standing between you and the skull. Obviously, you must now calculate the jump in order to avoid the totem and land on the skull. After a couple of tries you should be able to master this as well. After a while, the challenge is just to beat your own score, or the website's high-scores. The game looks well and the controls are simple enough; you just need to click your mouse to jump. However, there is not enough challenge to keep you playing for a long time. For some people, high-scores aren't enough to keep them coming back to the game. It is an ok game to waste some time if you are bored, but it won't keep you entertained during much time.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Smooth graphics


  • Too Simplistic
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